Hi again beautiful people!

It's that time again to talk about my favorites but before let me tell you about how hectic this month was actually the first two weeks were amazing I was on a schedule I workout five days a week I eat healthy I read my book -that I'm going to talk about in my favorites- every day BUT the other two weeks were eventful I cried .. a lot of unexpected good and not so good things happened I barely workout maybe two to three times a week I didn't have time to read .. and I don't mind unexpected things but when they happen one after the other it's just overwhelming.That's been said I'm excited  for the new month new start new chance but now let's talk favorites.

Marc Jacobs -The Lolita 206 my new eye shadow palette that I'm in love with. Amazing packaging, nice size mirror, beautiful colors and great pigmentation.
Christian Dior Rouge No. 966 Purple Sultan Satin , M.A.C lipstick - Dark Side and LASTING FINISH 1000 KISSES LIP LINER - 061 WINE I been loving this lip combination and you might say what's the deterrent between the two lipsticks and it's the finish the M.A.C lipstick have a creme finish and the Dior lipstick have a glossy finish and I just find together they gave I beautiful finish to my lips and I like the Rimmel lip liner with these lipsticks together and separately.
beautyblender my new favorite foundation and concealer applicator it's amazing it give you the most flawless natural finish.
Revlon: 050 White On White Nail Enamel I don' know why but I'm in a white mode from nails to every thing and this Revlon color satisfied my craving for a white nail polish.
Very Irrésistible Givenchy I lost the lid that's how much I been using it. It smell fresh, clean and light and for me it's nice and refreshing the perfect every day smell.
LIBERTY CANDLE - Black Forest refreshing smelling candle .. I love my bedroom even more every time I walk into it. That's how you know you love a candle.
Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative - by Ken Robinson I love this book it's an amazing read but for me it's the tip of books that need a sit down .. and I don't mind that but the tings is I didn't have the time to sit down so I didn't finish it but I been loving reading it when I have the time.I recommend it and I'm going to talk about it in a separate post.
Oatmeal my new addiction I literally have to stop myself from making it every day .. the link will take you to my recipe you have to try it and you will love it.
The Ultimate Warmup Before Working Out | Class FitSugar I have been enjoying this warmup before any of my workout this month it's amazing it get you warm and ready for any workout. 

That's all for this month favorites. THANK YOU FOR READING.