Hi again beautiful people!

When every year start me and you and everyone else make resolutions some of us write them other just make a mental note about there resolutions and I always been one to make mental note and then I just forget about it. 

That's why this year I decided to write my resolutions and share it with you so I can always be reminded of my resolutions and also maybe it will inspire some of you and together we can help each other to stuck to are resolutions and reach our goals in the end of this year.

My four main motivational quotes in 2015 are:

1- long as you do not stop 3-Inspirational & Motivational Quotes | From up North 
4-This is so true. Have a plan first, otherwise it's like putting the cart before the horse.

1- I choose this quote because I made these resolutions/goals before but just in my mind and I never really accomplish any of them but this year I'm motivated to accomplish my goals and make it to the end of this year I want that satisfying feeling that you have when you reach your goal I want to have that proud moment and I'm willing to work for it.

2/3- I choose these two quotes because it feel like they complete each other. I know there is going to be times when I feel tired or sick or just don't wanna do it any more because I had them before and I give up before but every time I feel like that these two quotes will remind me that I have to push myself as hard as I can but at the same time take my self slowly so I never ever give up never ever stop because at the end I'm going to be a champion and it's going to be worth it.

4- I'm like everybody else I have dreams and goals and I also never believed in planning that's why I choose this quote so I can I always remember why is it important to plan .. this take me to my first resolutions for this year.
As I said I never been into planning and having a planner and I think that's why I never focused in my goals and that's why my goals are just thoughts floating around in my brain. This year I made a decision to have planner so I looked around and seen different types of planners and none of them I really liked so I took a note book that I like and made a planner of my own and in it there is:
INSPIRATION: it's a different quote/inspiration for everyday.
TO DO: the thing that need to be done in a certain day.
TODAY'S GOALS: three main goals that I want to accomplish in a certain day.
DAILY TASKS: things that I do every day.
PREP: things that I need to prepare for the next day.
REMEMBER: things that important and normally just slip my mind like calling someone or staff I need to buy.
EXERCISE: the workout that I plan to do and it's different  everyday.
MEAL PLAN: breakfast - lunch - dinner - snacks.
plus I have a separate planner for my blog.

I started on the 3rd of this month and really it doesn't matter when you start as long as you start and so far I enjoy it and I drew a little star next to the things that I accomplish and it make me happy every time. 

Planning is so fun I know it seems like to match work but it's important to keep you focused on what's important so you can accomplish your goals and in weird way when you plan you feel like things start happening to help your plan to work believe me you should try it and you will see for yourself.  

Because 2014 was my last year in college I rarely read any books other college books and I miss it. I decided to finish 30 books this year you might think it's too much for some and not that much for other but I think it's a reasonable number that I can accomplish and enjoy every book at the same time.
I know that everyone say they will change and be healthy but that's because been healthy is a commitment you need to renew with your self every year.  

The different that I'm making this year is that I decided to keep track of my eating and my exercising and that's why I included them in my planner. I'm determined to keep my healthy lifestyle going strong to the end of this year. 

I started trying new healthy recipes and the one I tried this week is oatmeal and I tried eating oatmeal before and I didn't really like it at all but this time it was different I don't know if it's because I see a lot of people eat it in YouTube and they like it so I was more open minded about it or if it's because of the recipe that I tried but I feel in love with it I could eat it for breakfast every day of my life and I be happy long story short I eat it for breakfast every day this week and it really encouraged me to start trying more new healthy recipes.
I enjoy blogging and I'm going to continue doing it I love the whole process of making a blog post but my goal is to be more organized and plan my posts. I started planning my blog posts and decided on putting tow posts each week and I like that because it's going to give me enough time to make a blog post the way I like and just post anything I don't like.

These are all of my main resolutions/goals for 2015. Write a comments and tell me all about your 2015 resolutions/goals?.

Thank you for reading.