Monthly Favorites

Hi again beautiful people,

And welcome to the last monthly favorites of 2016 . You probably heard it a lot but can you believe it's the end of 2016 time has gone by so fast and I hope that every one of you had a good year.

First favorite is lipstick contamination and I don't know why I was in the mood for pink lips considering that it's cold and I probably be in the mood for darker lip color but I felt like I needed  some pink in my life so I did.
L'oreal LE ROUGE INFALLIBLE 519 Tender Berry
Nyx Nude Xtreme Lip Cream Xlc06 pinky nude

August & September Favorites

Hi again beautiful people,

And welcome to another one of my monthly favorites. I think this the latest I ever been on doing my monthly favorites that I almost didn't do it but I was determined to do it because I love love love sharing with you the things I love and what liking currently, So lets start!!

This monthly favorites is going to be a random one, And I'm going to start with the Wet Brush Pro Original I have a sensitive scalp every time I brush my hair or part it a different part I just get the worst headache and I have tangled hair so I was in a search for a hair brush that would detangle my hair without pulling my hair and hurting my scalp and this brush is perfect and it does exactly that. 

Eid Al-Adha Outfits

Hello beautiful people,

Long time no posts I missed my blog I was so busy but I'm here now so I'm happy and talking about being happy, Happy Eid for you all although it's late but better late than never and I hope you had a good Eid and it's always good to get some family time.

Empties #2

Hi again beautiful people,

I have some product that I used up some of them I loved and some I would not purchase again and I'm going to tell you all about them so if you are interested just keep reading.

Weekly Workout Update - Back At It Again

Hi again beautiful people,

I'm back to working out again after a month break that I needed physically and mentally I needed to take a step back to observe were I'm at and to see what I need to change to get to what I wont.