Ramadan Wish List

Hi again beautiful people,

I know that one third of this amazing beautiful month is gone but steel there is some thing that I wish to have this month that I would like to shear them with you so keep reading and enjoy.

Weekly Workout Update

Hi again beautiful people,

First week of  Ramadan just passed hope you keeping it healthy I know I'm not it was tough for me. For the workouts it was though too and I only worked out two days this week although I was hoping to do more put considering that time of the month came early this month I couldn't do any thing about it so I took that chance to relax and reset.



That's all for this update. 
Thank you for reading.

Ramadan Mubarak

That time of the year has come.
A month to repent from our wrongdoings and sin.
May all of us find peace on this Ramadan.
Happy Ramadan!

Weekly Workout Update

Hi again strong beautiful people, 

Long time no updates because life things happened and I wasn't in the mode to write any updates but I was in the mode to workout so I'm going to briefly talk about my workouts.

I did to two of the Fitness Blender 5 day challenges :

I also did different workouts from them in the course of the last month and my goal was to workout at lest 3 days a week and I accomplished that and I feel stronger healthier and over all better.

That's all for this update. I'm hoping to get back to my weekly updates specially that Ramadan is coming and I will be fasting and I want these updates to help keep me motivated.