Weekly Workout Update #5&6

Stay hard. Work hard. Make shit happen.  #motivation #quote:

Hi again beautiful people,

I had a good successful two weeks of working out, In week 5 I worked out 6 days of the week it felt so so amazing but I didn't keep a note of the workouts I just choose something depending on how I'm feeling and I get it done and it was fun bur really tiring at the same time. In week 6 I was sore from the week before so I worked out 4 days of the week.

Favorites of The 2016 Spring/Summer Couture

Hi again beautiful people,

This year Spring Couture had a lot of different prints different silhouettes and cuts and I would say there was a lot of color on the runway but for the most part the white was the constant color on the runway which I don't hate that at all. I'm going to talk about the things I liked from dresses to fabrics to bags and what trends I liked.


I really enjoyed the collection I liked the headpieces and for some risen I liked the tree drawing or design that was on the some of there fabrics and the body harnesses made the whole look complete for some of the dresses. 


what I Ate In A Day

Hi again beautiful,

 And welcome to another day of eating and the first what I ate in 2016 I'm a foody and like sharing my food and what eat with you so hopefully you like it too.