Monthly Favorites - January

Hi again beautiful people,

First monthly favorites of  2016 so excited to keep shearing with you my favorite so excited to discover so many new things and fell in love with them and telling you all about it. Let's get started.

Weekly Workout Update #2

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Hi again beautiful  people in the second workout update of the year. This week was a busy busy busy week. I was planing on posting tow blog posts before this update and I didn't even have time to set on my laptop other then today because we were - meaning me and my family - on road trip and it was so so so much fun but so tiring also. Know we are back home back to my regular schedule I will be posting more this week - hopefully Insha Allah -.

This week I decided to do the Free 5 Day Workout Challenge for Busy People from FitnessBlender and I was not able to do all of the 5 workouts this week I had to take a break in the middle of the week with all the traveling it just was not happening and in the beginning of the week I didn't do any workout because I was sore from the week before.

Weekly Workout Update

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Hi again beautiful people,

Last year I was uploading a weekly workouts schedule in the beginning of each week BUT this year it's going to be different I want to be real with you I did not do all the workouts I put in the schedules that's why I decided to do a weekly workout update that I will be posting in the end of each week and these updates will talk about the workouts I did in each week how did I feel after the workout and this way I will be more motivated to workout and this way it will be more accurate. So I hope you like this idea and let's start the first workout update for 2016.

2015 Favorites

Hi again beautiful people,
It's the new year yaaaaaaay and it's time to round up all of are favorites in the last year so let's start.