2014 Favorites

Hi again beautiful people!

Another year come to an end with all the good things and the not so good things that happened we survived and life just keep going. Today I will be sharing with you my 2014 favorites from makeup, fashion, places and some other random stuff...  so let's start:
Favorite foundation and concealer this year is the L'Oreal TRUE MATCH LIQUID FOUNDATION and TRUE MATCH CRAYON CONCEALER it give the most flawless finish I love it and I'm so excited to try new foundations this year to see if there is any going to top my love for this foundation. This concealer is my favorite for natural no makeup makeup look I just put a moisturizer and then conceal anything that needs to be concealed and put powder over it to set everything in place.
M.A.C Select Sheer/Pressed Powder my absolute favorite powder it give a beautiful coverage with natural finish.
Naked Palette from Urban Decay I love this palette I used it for so many different occasions from a normal going out day to a wedding. I think this palette is my best makeup buy in 2014.
CHANEL COCO NOIR I love Chanel parfums in general but this one in particular is my favorite it make me happy and every time I smell it it feel like the first time and I fall in love with it even more I know it's like a love story but I do.
Honeymania line from the body shop This is the most mentioned item in my blog that's how I like it.
Michael Kors Bag I love this bag the colors in it make it so practical it can go with any outfit and there is lots of pockets and zippers plus it has those things in the sides so you can make it even more roomy then it is.

Leather court shoe from ZARA I love wearing these with jeans they are pink, cute and make your feet so pretty every time I wear theme I get a compliments they are so easy to walk in.

HP Envy15-j185nr Laptop with Beats Audio and Leap Motion I got this laptop in the last semester of college because I needed it a new laptop. I love this laptop and probably I used it every single day since the day I bought it.
Samsung GALAXY S5 I absolutely love love love this phone it's my favorite gift I got this year it is such an amazing phone so easy to use so light and thin with beg beautiful screen and an good camera I even take some pictures for the blog with it.
My fitness equipment that I collected this year and I enjoyed using them in my workout and I'm so excited to add more to them this year.
I cannot not mention my favorite OATMEAL PANCAKES recipe they are so yummy you should try it that's all I can say.
The easiest Chocolate Chip Cookie all you need is butter and one egg and you will have the most amazing cookies and you can add more chocolate if you want that's what I like to do but I'm determined to make homemade cookies this year.
FRESHLY Pasta Sauce Three Cheese I tried lots of different pasta sauces this past year this one is definitely my favorite and every time I make a pasta with tomato sauce this the sauce that I use.

ASTRALIS HEALTH CLUB & SPA this place is amazing they have all tip of different things you can go to the website and read all about the things they have because if I'm going to write all of the things it's going to be a long one and I don't wanna bore you. I was a member for a month and believe me it wasn't enough but I will renew my membership soon -in shaa allah- and I can't wait. 
Emirates Palace Hotel The most luxurious hotel\vacation experience ever I loved and enjoyed every minute of my life in this place I would live there if I can one of most amazing memories I had in this place. I can't express how nice this place is and how nice the people are I felt like a QUEEN.
My College Graduation my absolute favorite memorie this past year, one of my most proud memorie in my life and my biggest achievement this past year and I can't not mention it in my favorites for 2014 because it is my favorite thing that happen in 2014.
My Blog I just had to mention her in my favorites. I love her she is like my baby - yes she's a she - and I'm so excited to see her grow this year. I enjoy sharing with you and I enjoy the creative part of finding ideas, taking pictures and of course writing. I hope that I can help or inspire any of you and I just wish to be your friend.

That's all for my 2014 favorites it was a good year looking forward to this year. I wanted to post my favorites in the first day of this year but I got sick and all I wanted to do is be in my bed watching YouTube and drinking hot chocolate but instead I was busy running around and getting stuff done because life don't wait for you when you are sick and that's why I couldn't post it until today.

I would love it if you tell me about your new experiences,
achievements and memories that happened in 2014 because that’s what important in life?

Thank you so much for reading I love you all and I wish you a happy and beautiful new year.