June Favorites

Hi again beautiful people of the internet!

It's time for another monthly favorites and I don't have a lot of favorites this month but I hope you enjoy and if you wont to know more just keep reading.

AMC EYELINER GEL 77 / MAKEUP BRUSH 31T I know it seems like I have a new favorite eyeliner every month and that's because eyeliners are my favorite makeup times and I like to try different eyeliner and see what works past for me but let my tell you this gel eyeliner is probably my favorite eyeliner that I tried this year it's so black and one of the easiest eyeliner I have ever ever tried and I use this brush with it to ably it  and it's amazing and I really recommend you to try it. 

NYX Matte Lipstick Summer Breeze / Sephora lipstick that I don't know the name of but it's a corley color and I like to mix them together or do what kind look like an ombré lips. think these two make the perfect summer lipstick.

Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover really good makeup remover easy fast doesn't sting my eye and it get the job done. 

Stradivarius Set of rings I been wearing these rings with every outfit I love silver I think they are prefect for summer and these are midi rings and I have the same set in gold and I love them but I'm into my silver at the moment.

M&S Water Lily Foam Bath / Water Lily cream Bath I been enjoying these two this month they smell flowery and spring like and they have added moisturiser which is always a plus.


This is my new favorite TV show I love every character in this show it's amazing I watched 4 seasons in this month and I can't wait to watch the rest of it.

Thank You For Reading I don't  have a lot of favorites this month but I hope you enjoy it.

Weekly Workout Schedule

Ramadan Mubarak - رمضان مبارك

I would like to wish everyone out there in all the world a wonderful Ramadan this year. May it be a blessed opportunity for every one of us to reach out to Allah Almighty and ask for forgiveness, for help on becoming a better person and and cleansing our souls, as well as our body from any sins that we have committed in the past or the present and ask that we become better people in the future until the next Ramadan inshAllah.

Bath & Body Works Candles Haul

Hi again beautiful people!

Update, I took a break from blogging and actually everything else in life because I just didn't feel like my self and I don't know why it's just happened and I'm still recovering from being "in that mood" and I really really really missed blogging but I couldn't just post anything just for the sake of posting because my blog is my everything in my life it's like she is my baby and even if it's not a big popular blog when I post something I wanna love it right now and even when look back to it after ten years I will still love it too. Anyway I hope you enjoy the haul.

They describe it as an intoxicating scent of sunny mandarin, sweet mango and juicy plum with a freshly salted rim.

They describe it as a scent as warm as sunrays with a luxurious blend of vanilla musk, orchids and toasted coconut.

They describe it as luscious tree-ripened mango and sweet tropical pineapple, complemented by crisp lotus and a hint of warm vanilla.

They describe it as a pretty springtime blend of soft pink apple blossoms, crisp apple slices and green citrus leaves.

They describe it as a pretty springtime blend of soft pink apple blossoms, crisp apple slices and green citrus leaves and this one actually my favorite.  

RELAX - Lavender Linens 
They describe it as the fragrance of soft soothing linens with notes of relaxing lavender, fresh rosemary & tonka and this one is my favorite too.