Mini Candle Haul

Hi again beautiful people! 

I was running low on candles so I had to go and buy a new ones. I really like the lifestyle shop because they carry a different brands of candles and I always like to try different brand. This time I choose all my candle from the brand Liberty Candle and that's my first time buying any of there candle I just happened to like how they smelled.

The first one is the Cherry Blossom and they describe it as soft, sheer floral with a hint of cherry for my it smell like flowers.
Sensual Sensuelle it say it is a dazzling fragrance of citrus, fruity florals and aromatic wood and it's seriously exactly like how they describe it.

Pomegranate Juice it describe as fruity, pleasantly tart scent with a subtle, distinct sweetness again it's exactly like how they describe it.
Black Forest they describe it as luxurious combination of black currant & ebony wood and my brother said it smell like ginger I think it smell different every time I sniff it and I like that.
Midnight Spell sophisticated blend of jasmine, gardenia, orange and rose. I don't know how to describe it .. it's just relaxing to me.

They are all the big size and they were each 49 SAR ($13.50) .

That's it for my mini haul .. Thank you so much for reading.