December Favorites

Hi again beautiful people!

It's that time of the month to talk about my favorites and what I been enjoying so let's start: 

COLOR ICON EYESHADOW COLLECTION - 738 Comfort Zone from Wet n Wild I been using this palette a lot because they're highly pigmented colors with the perfect amount of shimmer so they can be used for the day or the night.
Claire's Nail Polish which doesn't has a name and I got it in one of there 6 pack about year a go it's this beautiful gray color and I like to use this shimmery color from Revlon number 340 it called stunning in top and this been my favorite combination this month.

The SHEA BODY BUTTER, SHEA SHOWER GEL/CREAM, SHEA Eau De Toilette I received this set as a gift and I just started using it this month I really like it and it's perfect for the winter time.
SLIPPERS I love this pair of slippers I love the Stars detailing they're comfy and warm they're just a must in winter.
Nutella I been making hot chocolate Nutella the easiest hot chocolate in the world every weekend this month and I'm obsessed.
STONEWARE MUG And I been making my favorite hot chocolate in my new favorite mug from ZARA HOME.
Dumbbells I been enjoying using the dumbbells in my workout this month they add a challenge and they are effective.
Cherry Blossom Candle it smell flowery, light and clean so so nice every time I go in my bedroom it make my happy and relaxed.

My favorite TV-Show this month is THE EXES it's really funny and my favorite song is Nicki Minaj - Grand Piano it's just different and I really like it.

That's all for my december favorites ,, Thank you for reading.

My Everyday Winter Makeup Routine

Hi again beautiful people!

I don't everyday put makeup on especially in winter because I like to be comfy but when ever I do put makeup this is what I do and use:
I start with moisturizing my skin with the Rice & Ceramide Moisture Emulsion and I wrote a blog post about it. Thane I moisturize my lips with lip balm from a Amouage actually I got this lip balm from a hotel we stayed at in the summer and let me tell you this thing is amazing when I first used it in the hotel I thought that is nice and used it before I slept and when I woke up my lips never felt nicer before I seriously don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of it.
The next thing is to conceal anything that needs to be concealed on my face and for that I use the True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer from L'Oreal and I go over it with POUDRE UNIVERSELLE COMPACTE from CHANEL and I don't use foundation in everyday makeup unless I feel like it.

Then I just use AMC BRONZING POWDER from INGLOT to add warmth to my face. After that is the blush and the BLUM FOOLERY from M.A.C it's one of there powder blush sheertone shimmer which make it buildable and the shimmer add the perfect glow to your cheeks this is the best everyday blush.

In the winter I like using sparkly eyeshadow and I been enjoying using the COLOR ICON EYESHADOW COLLECTION from wet n wild the silver shimmer shade and from the Naked Palette from Urban Decay I use TOASTED which is a pink shimmery shade and HUSTLE which is a burgundy color.
I do my winged liner with The Super Liner Perfect Slim from L'Oreal which I wrote a blog post about it and for my lash line I use the LE CRAYON YEUX PRECISION EYE DEFINER form CHANEL.

My favorite everyday lipstick is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - 07 Nude-Is.

That's all for my everyday winter makeup routine let me know what do you use in your everyday winter makeup? 

Thank you for reading.

Winter Wish List

Hi again beautiful people!

Winter is my favorite time of the year so I made a wish list for some stuff that I hope to buy this winter and I want to share it with you.


2-  Combined Leggings from ZARA.
Image 5 of COMBINED LEGGINGS from Zara



5- POLAR Slippers from ETAM.

7- MINI BOWLER BAG from Accessorize.

8- GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment.
GLAMGLOW - THIRSTYMUD™ Hydrating Treatment

NARS - Virtual Domination Cheek Palette





That is all for my winter wish list .. thank you for reading and tell me what is in your list.

The Super Liner Perfect Slim by L'Oreal

Hi again beautiful people! 

Today I have a review for you on The Super Liner Perfect Slim black eyeliner. this eyeliner claim that it's a precision liner, felt tip and 12-hour wear. 
I have to say I really like this eyeliner it has a nice tip that make doing the flick in the cat eye look so easy and it's nice opaque black color.
This eyeliner stayed on for 5 hours and I bet that it would stay for longer I just happen to remove my makeup but I just wish that I have the waterproof one.

That's all for this review and I really recommend this eyeliner. thank you for reading and have a nice day. 

Mini Candle Haul

Hi again beautiful people! 

I was running low on candles so I had to go and buy a new ones. I really like the lifestyle shop because they carry a different brands of candles and I always like to try different brand. This time I choose all my candle from the brand Liberty Candle and that's my first time buying any of there candle I just happened to like how they smelled.

The first one is the Cherry Blossom and they describe it as soft, sheer floral with a hint of cherry for my it smell like flowers.
Sensual Sensuelle it say it is a dazzling fragrance of citrus, fruity florals and aromatic wood and it's seriously exactly like how they describe it.

Pomegranate Juice it describe as fruity, pleasantly tart scent with a subtle, distinct sweetness again it's exactly like how they describe it.
Black Forest they describe it as luxurious combination of black currant & ebony wood and my brother said it smell like ginger I think it smell different every time I sniff it and I like that.
Midnight Spell sophisticated blend of jasmine, gardenia, orange and rose. I don't know how to describe it .. it's just relaxing to me.

They are all the big size and they were each 49 SAR ($13.50) .

That's it for my mini haul .. Thank you so much for reading.

My Fitness Routine

Hi again beautiful people!

In this day and age I think that everybody should know that living a healthy lifestyle is an important thing and I'm not saying that we need to be fit like an athlete or a model but what I'm saying is we need to be active and we need to learn a healthy eating habits.

I know there is a lot of temptation to eat bad and we all have are excuses and I'm the same my excuses all the time were that I'm busy or just lazy and I tried more then one time to stick to a fitness routine and healthy diet and I always get distracted with life but for some reason I decided this time is going to be different and for the first time I set a schedule because I realized that when you write what you do in a day you'll realize how much time you have to do so many things and I realized that having a routine is a good thing it helped me organized my time and actually made me realize how hard it is to stick to a routine because I realized there something different happen every day.

As I said in my last post I'm a morning person so I like to do my workout in the morning usually between 9 -11 and I do workout for 30 minutes to 1 hour and a half , five to six days a week but ideally I want to workout for 3 hours and I'm hoping that I will be able to achieve this goal by the end of next year just because I wanna take myself slow and I don't want to push myself so hard then I'll eventually get bored and tired.

I like to do my workout in my home just me and I do the workout video in YouTube and some of my favorite fitness channels are:
Fitness Blender
XHIT Daily
and I just chose a different video every time depending on my mood and you need to push your self but also you know your body find your limit and don't hurt yourself and I actually don't workout when I'm in my monthly period.

for my diet I eat from 3 to 5 meals a day three main meals and two snacks:
1- before my workout I eat breakfast which I usually eat eggs with salad or a sandwich or oatmeal pancakes with fruit or smoothie.
2- my snack after the workout usually it is a banana or cherry tomatoes or almond or dates.
3- lunch which is my big meal in the day and it is different every day.
4- some times I'll have a second snack but normally I just drank a green tea.
5- dinner and usually it's a salad or soup.
and this my diet for six days a week and I have one free day and I can eat whatever I want and I don't feel guilty about it and I allow myself to eat one fast food meal in a week and one fizzy drink and that is what work for my and you should find that balance and what work for you and it's all about controlling your proportion.

The most important things that keep me motivated is having a goal, deadline and plan and I just remind myself every morning of these three things. On a days when I don't feel like doing a workout I just tell myself that I need to push myself to start my workout so I can just get done with it and it work it's really a state of mind and I always feel so good after the workout.

That's it for my fitness routine hope I inspired some of you beautiful people to start your own fitness routine and let me know in the comment what is your routine.

thank you for reading have a happy day.

How To Survive A Depressing Day

Hi again beautiful people! 

Today I'm going to talk to you about how I survive a depressing day which we all go through sometimes and when it happen you should not let it get to you and I know that it's hard and that it can take a few days sometimes so you can get out of your depressed and I'm not "a specialist" or anything but I know that I go through those feelings and I learned a few things that helped me survive a depressing day and I want to share those things or tips with you maybe it will help you too.

For me depressing is something I feel it from the moment I wake up and I know that because I'm actually a morning person so whenever I wake up in bad mood or with feeling that my heart being squeezed with no reason and I don't want to do anything other than being in my bed .. I know I'm having one of those days. Here is what I do on a day like this:

1- I stay in my bed for a while as I told you I'm a morning person so when I wake up I like to get out of my bed immediately and I start my day BUT on a depressing day I like to stay in my bed for a while and my bed is right beside the window so I turn my self to the window said and I start looking at the sun light and as hard as it can be I take a few deep breaths and if it's a rainy day which is my favorite I close my eyes and listen to the rain and I take a few deep breaths. Then I go through my phone which take me to the second tip. 

2- Inspirational quotes when I go through my phone in the morning I look for inspirational quotes and you can find them anywhere Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or search inspirational quotes in Google and here is some of my favorite quotes:
   Believe Inspiring post about making a difference! (Matthew 19:14)  

3- Make your favorite breakfast I know sometimes you can feel like you don't have an appetite but eating breakfast and especially your favorite will make feel so much better and my favorite breakfast is pancake and I have a good recipe for you: Oatmeal Pancakes

4- Make a hot drink it will make you feel like someone is giving you a hug especially in this time of year hot drinks worm your body and relax it.

5- Get your body moving do any tip of  workout stretching, yoga, dancing, hiit workout or go on a walk it doesn't matter just do a bit of exercising believe me it will put you in a better mood and I'm someone who doesn't have any fitness equipment I only have my water bottle, towel and my shoes I'm telling you when you get your body moving it will make you feel better and you can go to YouTube to find all kinds of fitness videos and if you want I can write a whole post talking about my favorite fitness channels and fitness videos in YouTube.

6- Get ready even if you are not going out just change into something comfortable I like to to wear a baggy sweater and leggings and you don't have to do your hair I just put my hair in a bun and put some makeup on just to make you feel nicer when you look in the mirror.
7- Watch something you like and something you know it will put a smile on your pretty face. I like Friends this show never fail to put a smile on my face.
8- Pamper yourself take a bath, put a mask on, do your nail or just lit a candle treat yourself to anything relaxes your body.

9- Wear your favorite pajamas and before you go to sleep read something or just think about tomorrow and how to make it a better day.

10- Remember:

  • You are the only one who can make you feel better and you don't need any body to make you feel better.
  • To get over a depressing day you need to admit it and you need to say it tell yourself I am having a depressing day today and I am not going to let it get to me and I am going make this day a good day.
  • Be productive push yourself to get stuff done it doesn't have to be something big even the little things count.
  • Cry if you need to cry.

I know that it can be hard and sometimes you feel like you're alone or no one understand you ... that's not true you need to know that god always with you and you're never ever alone.
Lastly what inspired me to write this post is that I recently had one of those days and I tweeted about it and all I was thinking about is that I hope if there is anybody having a day like mine maybe when they see someone going thru the same thing they will know they are not alone and maybe my words give them hope or just a smile and that is the same reason for writing this post .. I hope that any of my tips would help you. I would love love love if you tell me some of your tips because believe me I need every bit of help that I can get.

thank you so so so much for reading my long post and as I said I hope any of my tips help you.