Hi again beautiful people!

Today I'm going to share with you what's in my every day going out bag. But first I will talk about my bag I bought it a year ago from Accessorize (I couldn't find the link to the exact bag but all of there bags are beautiful) it's very spacious and the color is a rusted metallic gold (that's how I describe it) with gold details and I like the color of my bag because it can go with gold and silver jewelry. there is an interior zipped compartment, phone compartment, another compartment and front pocket. now let's see what's inside this baby:
In the front pocket I put my phone and some cash. I don't put my headphone in the front pocket they go in one of the compartment usually in the phone compartment.
Inside in the other compartment  I put bills and coins.
My wallet and I know it kind look like a mini clutch but I like it even though it take a lot of space.
I took this mini makeup bag from another big bag this mini bag come in it and I liked the size of it so now I put it in all of my bags and I put in it my on the go makeup a mini nail polish my favorite perfume and earring and bracelet.
I always have a book with me just in case I have to wait for something or if I go to a coffee shop I like to just sit and read.

WATER is the most important thing I have to take with my in my bag I can't go anywhere without it with me and I always to take some treats and I like sour stuff.

That's everything in my bag except tissue you need to have tissue in your bag you never know when you need it and as you can tell I like to use all of the space I have in my bag but I don't put anything in my bag unless I need it.