But First Let Me Take A Picture

Hi again beautiful people,
I was going through the picture in my phone and I stumbled on a few picture that put a smile on my face and I want to share them with you so I hope you enjoy them.





These pictures took me to a happy place and I'm sure you all have pictures in your phone that make you smile and I would love to see them if would like to shear.

In this day and age we take pictures of everything every where we go and sometimes we forget about them until this happen ?

Taking pictures become more of "something I have to do or I can't enjoy this moment" when it should be "I'm enjoying this moment maybe I should take a picture of it so I always remember it". I was watching an episode of my new favorite TV-show the librarians and they were talking about who people like to see there picture having fun more then actually having fun. 

My message to you today is enjoy every moment live every moment with the intention to make it the best. I have this " Every minute of our life is another life" in my instagram pio and I wrote that myself as a reminder of how important is every minute of my life. I hope you have a happy life enjoy the people around you the moment you have with them and then only then take your pictures of these moments and treasure them.