Hi again beautiful people,

This past week was so different because it was  the end of  Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr and this is a special time that I want to kind of document it in photos. It's my first time writing my week in photos tip of blog post so I did forget to take any photos one day but I hope you enjoy it and I promise you I well do a butter job next time.

Sunday 25/9/1436 - 12/7/2015 

It was a shopping day finish buying some Eid stuff.

Monday 26/9/1436 - 13/7/2015

Relaxing day at home after a long shopping day and before a crazy packing day.

Tuesday 27/9/1436 - 14/7/2015

Crazy packing day!!!


Wednesday 28/9/1436 - 15/7/2015

Road trip day and buying candy and chips or what I like to call Eid essentials  .

Thursday 29/9/1436 - 16/7/2015

Last fotor of Ramadan.

Friday 1/10/1436 - 17/7/2015

Eid day and as always it's an amazing fun happy family day and yummy food lots of chocolate and this Bel Normande Apple & Pomegranate Spritzer is one of my favorite drink ever.

On Saturday we were invited to lunch in my uncle house and I was having fun and enjoying my time with my family that I forget to take any photos 

Hope you all had a wonderful week.