What I Eat In A Day

Hi again beautiful people,

And welcome to another what I eat in a day. It's a beautiful day I like days when I weak up feeling adventurous and in the mode to try new things. My little adventure today is that I going to cook some thing I never cooked before so if wanna know what is it just continue reading.   


For the most important meal of the day I been enjoying the idea of just using to pieces of toasted whole grain toast and putting different combination of toppings on them and today I was in the mode for a fried egg with avocado and peanut butter with strawberry jam yummy.


Fried rice and this was my first time making it. It was so incredibly easy and fast to make I had some leftovers rice and chicken and I add some vegetables and an egg with it and add soy sauce and sesame oil and it was amazing.


Another first timer for me is making this amazing delicious Coffee Cake ... it was SO GOOD!! you have to try it.


After a long day in the kitchen dinner had to be ordered and one of my favorites things to eat is Falafel wrap so yummy and filling.

That's all for the day. Thank you for reading.