July Favorites

Hi again beautiful people,

It's the end of another month and the beginning of new favorites so let's start.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

Basic beautiful and essential it's the only palette I been using for the last month and I'm loving it. 

 Models Own HyperGel Collection

I'm in LOVE with this collection I went in thinking that I just wont some summery colors and I walked out with probably my all time favorite nail polishes formula wise and color wise I got -from left to right- Lilac sheen, Pink veneer, Cornflower gleam and they are prefect for summer.

Lush Bath Bomb - The Experimenter

I just love it what can I say it smell good it's sparkly it's colorful but it turn your bath water to dark blue and it's amazing.

Stradivarius - Set of 4 narrow metal Chokers

These two chokers are my favorite jewelry pieces for the last month and I posted a picture of one of them in my Instagram. I love how simple they look and I love the fact that they go with my summer outfits.

TeaGschwendner - Earl Grey Lavender

I'm a coffee lover and I know next to nothing about tea but I all I know is that I love the flavor of lavender tea and I'm in love with this flavor.

I had one last summer and I loved it so I got a new one for this summer and it's amazing and I love the floral pattern on it.

Florida's Natural - Orange Pineapple Juice

My favorite drink this summer I LOVE IT...!!

YouTube channel - Taylor R テイラー

I love her vlog she's so cute so sweet and super fun to watch and she also makes fun videos go subscribe to her channel.

That's all for my favorites for this month. 
Thank you for reading.