Random Feelings

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Hi again beautiful people,

  • For the last a few weeks I wasn't feeling like my self I I felt random and a little bit lost. I didn't want to workout or write a blog post or ably for jobs or put on makeup or get out of my pyjamas or get out of the house. All I want to do is set in my pyjamas watch TV drink a hot beverage although that dose sound amazing but I had to push my self to get stuff done and sometimes you just have to push your self to doing things because life is not waiting for you to take your time to be in the right mode to get stuff done.

  • Appreciating the people we love sometimes when we get so busy with life seeing the people we love becomes a routine and we forget to tell them a simple "I love you". Let me tell you a secret seeing "I love you" never get's old and it's never a boring thing to see it. Take a second look at there eye's face them face to face and see it .. believe me it's always worth it. 

  • Is it fear or is it hope I been thinking a lot the last a few days about this .. what is the over all feeling that's ruling the world or motivating the world? .. as a Muslim I always have hope because my religion always encourage us and motivate us to be hopeful and as a human I have a positive personality so I'm always hopeful. I don't know if you understand my question so I'm going to give you an example: when you go to work are you hoping that this work is going to get you to where you want to be in the future or are you going to work because you fear being poor if you didn't?. this just a so so so simple example and you can measure it on every other things that's happening in life.

  •  The world is more and more accepting of the wrong and the bad and of the inappropriate and it's disgusting.

  • The cliches are the secret I don't know if you know who shaycarl is? but he said in there latest broadcast :"patient, time and persistence the cliches are the secret" and he is right if want anything you have to give it your time and you have to be persistence and patient to get to where you want and to have what you want.

  • Isn't wired how hard is it to turn a machine to a act like human but how easy is it to turn a human to act like a machine.

That's all I got of things I been thinking about lately I hope you enjoyed reading and I would love love love to know what ideas are going through your minds too. 

thank you for reading.