Instagram tag

1.  What's your username?  

2.  When did you create your Instagram account?  

166 week ago, Sunday July 15, 2012 

3.  Which is the first picture you posted?  

4.  How many times do you log in?  Per day/week?

No less than 3 days a week and about two times a day.

5.  What is your worst picture? 

6.  Which picture has had the most likes? 

7.  How many followers do you have?  How many people are you following?

I have 366 followers and I'm following 1,160.
8.  Who is the last person who liked one of your pictures?

9.  Name one brand/celebrity you are following one brand/celebrity who follow you(it there is any)?


10.  Show us your top 3 pictures?  

my top 3 favorite picture are:

11.  What is the last picture on your Instagram feed?