August favorites

Formula X The System

I'm loving this system and it's three steps you start with CLEANSE "Nail Cleanser—an essential salon secret—infused with witch hazel, vitamin E, and cucumber extract to help rid nails of oil and residue and optimize base coat adherence". The second step is PRIME "an advanced multitasking primer that works to prevent staining, aids in protecting the natural nail, and acts as an adhesive layer, allowing color to take hold for a long-lasting mani" and then apply the nail color of your choice and the last step is SHINE "a super glossy, fast-drying top coat that delivers the ultimate gel-like shine and relentless stay-true color".  I can't tell you how effective it is I'm obsessed you should try it.

Julia Bognar 

This month I've been really enjoying the TABATA workout with Julia bognar and you can find her video in GymRa channel and TABATA stand for an equation: 20/10 x 8 = 4. The 20 stands for seconds of work, the 10 stands for seconds of rest and the eight represents the number of rounds performed. The sum of the equation equals four minutes of intense exercise and I like these type of workout because there less then 30 min. but really effective  at the same time and I love that.

Alkhattaf Sisters 

If you are looking for a good laugh and nicely edited travel video I recommend watching these beautiful girls.

Sephora Collection Instant Nail Polish Remover For Glitter

An amazing nail polish remover the bast I ever used and it's making me have fun with glitter nail polish because removing it is so easy.

Old Navy Steel Water Bottles

I'm loving this water bottle I love that it's not a plastic and I like the screw-on top and it holds 750 milliliters of liquid and I love the Love word that's written on it. 

J fruit Dehydrated Mango

My favorite snack this month it's sweet and chewy it's like candy I love it.

Nivea Sun Tanning Oil Spray

I like this tanning oil it didn't make my skin dry I love the color that give me and the tan is still looks really good.

Bath & Body Works Relax - Lavender Linens

I love lavender smelling candles this one specially is really refreshing very clean smell.

La fontaine Le Lac Resort

Really fun place you have a small pool it's near the see beautiful scenery and a lot of fun activities.