Weekly workout Update


Hi again beautiful people,

It been two weeks since my last update and for the second week of this month it was not a successful week in term of working out I did do one workout on Monday :

I was so so so sore I couldn't workout on Tuesday and on Wednesday I took a walk and that was my form of exercising that day on Thursday and Friday I was still sore and tired and lazy and I didn't workout.

And for the third week I wanna say it was a good week first I was travailing on Saturday, Sunday and Monday I came back home to a problem and I wasn't able to workout that day. I worked out on Tuesday but not on Wednesday and Thursday because I was burning 500 to 600 calories a day with out working out I was so tired I had to take a break from working out and I did a workout on Friday and Saturday.




That's all for this update I have to say it's really hared to to workout in Ramadan but it's not impossible and I it feels really good when you get it done so push your self if you can I know you can.

Thank you for reading.