Ramadan Wish List

Hi again beautiful people,

I know that one third of this amazing beautiful month is gone but steel there is some thing that I wish to have this month that I would like to shear them with you so keep reading and enjoy.

 The first thing is Countdown to Eid Calendar from The Body Shop it's such a good fun idea. I did see ti last year in there website but not in the store and I would love to have it this year.

I would love to have dara'a, Galabia, caftan or dress or what ever you like to call it from Nashel By Najeba AlQdeebi she has such beautiful designs and I would love to wear something from her collection in any events happening this month.

I'm in love with these flats and I think they would look perfect to add to any outfit and it wold give that Ramadan touch I mean they look like sparkling stars in the night sky could it get any prettier.

Again perfect to add to any outfit cheap and cheerful I love it.

These are the cutest things ever and I need them in my life that's all I have to say.

Philips Air Fryer I would love to have it this month because we love are fried food in Ramadan and if there is a healthier way to have it I'm all for it.

Because in Ramadan I get more time to stay at home so it's important for me to be comfy but I also like to look cute so this pyjama pant from Etam is prefect for that.

That's all for my wish list for this month I hope you found it interesting and I hope you having a great month so far and thank you for reading.