Monthly Favorites February & March

Hi again beautiful people around the world,

Long time no favorites and it's because I didn't really have that many new favorites last month so I decided to combine last month favorites and this month together so I hope you enjoy it.

My first favorite is the DIOR ADDICT EAU DE TOILETTE beautiful scent for spring they describe it as a FRESH AND LUMINOUS WOODY FLORAL and honestly it's exactly how it small and it makes me happy so I love it.

My favorite nail polishes for this time of year the NAIL ENAMEL 969 from INGLOT and the NAIL ENAMEL 410 DREAMER from REVLON.

My food favorite for this month is the Ritter Sport Schokowürfel joghurt they are really yummy and good and the sweet and sure flavor is so satisfying.

I am obsessed obsessed obsessed with this game and it's honestly not just me it's a family favorite it's really fun and it's great practice to when we get together and play the real thing.

Something new I been trying is when ever I go out to take a walk I take my camera with me and I try to take pictures and it's been one of my favorites things to do and I'm not not not a photographer or any thing I just really enjoy it so I'm going to shear with you some of the pictures.

 that's all for my favorites thank you for reading.