Hi again beautiful people! 

It's the end of another month and the start of another favorites. First let's start with makeup and let me tell you I have a new favorite of life and it's the Kat Von D Tattoo Linerthis thing is AMAZING excellent pigmentation pointed, superfine and flexible brush tip and it will not smudge I'm obsessed with it and I con't wait to buy the full size of it because I now using the one that came with the Sephora Favorites DRAW THE LINE and it's a mini size. The GARNIER B.B. EYE - LIGHT/ MEDIUM it's an old friend that I lost and fond again and I'm so happy that we reunited it give me a nice coverage, brightening and moisturizer under my eye area. THE BODY SHOP WILD ROSE HAND CREAM SPF 15 I like this one because of the smell it smell like a rose garden and it's perfect for spring.

As for my fashion/fitness favorite I'm Loving the H&M Seamless sports top it hug me nicely and it make me feel good and I'm going to buy the other two colors they have too.

ZARA HOME BLACK VANILLA AROMATIC CANDLE it doesn't smell like vanilla to me it smell like lemon so fresh and I been really enjoying it.

ICE BREAKERS WATERMELON and GREEN APPLE it's my favorite flavor from them that's all I have to say.

PUMPKIN SEEDS are my food favorite this month I been really liking them with my oatmeal they add yummy taste and good benefits to my breakfast.