October Favorites

Hi again beautiful people!

Happy Islamic New Year  "1436".. October is one of my favorite months. The weather start to be nicer and colder and sleeping and bed time become my favorite time in the day. Therefor I loved the NEXT Pajamas the colors and the patterns it is just so autumn looking for me and tried to find the link to the same suit but I couldn't find it. 

This month I only have one makeup favorite which is the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick /380- Dark Night Waterl Oops! nice dark color perfect for this time of the year and as the name suggests it is not dry and it will keep your lips moist.

As beautiful the weather is this time of the year it can be dry for your skin and you need to find a good moisturizer for your skin and for me I like the Rice & Ceramide Moisture Emulsion that I talked about in my last blog post.

my favorite nail polish is the Yves Saint Laurent LA LAQUE Nail Lacquer No.33 I also couldn't find a like for it probably because I bought it a few years but they have really good collection that I wanna check it out.

THE WHITE MUSK SMOKY ROSE LINE  is probably my favorite line from the body shop ever I love the smell of musk and with the rose it just take it to another level. 

Brookside Candle - Mandarin Peach this candle has that warm citrus smell kind of fruity it's really nice.

My favorite TV shows this month is Brooklyn Nine-Nine funny funny funny and Project RUNWAY love it love it love it.  


That is all for this month. Let me know your favorite?