August & September Favorites

Hi again beautiful people,

And welcome to another one of my monthly favorites. I think this the latest I ever been on doing my monthly favorites that I almost didn't do it but I was determined to do it because I love love love sharing with you the things I love and what liking currently, So lets start!!

This monthly favorites is going to be a random one, And I'm going to start with the Wet Brush Pro Original I have a sensitive scalp every time I brush my hair or part it a different part I just get the worst headache and I have tangled hair so I was in a search for a hair brush that would detangle my hair without pulling my hair and hurting my scalp and this brush is perfect and it does exactly that. 

I'm in love with chokers I want them all I can't get enough of them and I'm so happy that they are trending at the moment because they are every where and in every shop, And ZARA have a really pretty collection of chokers but this star choker set is my favorite.

In my last monthly favorites I talked about my favorite Earl Grey Lavender tea and this time I'm going to show you the perfect mug for it from H&M and I LOVE it, it's big it's beautiful and it has an awesome quote on it. It's every thing I need in mug.

Now that autumn has come one of my favorite things that transition me to the mode and feel of autumn is apples scented candle and this fresh baked apples candle is perfect for that.

I'm so excited to shear my love for this lipstick with you because It's my new favorite discovery. Autograph Moisture Color Lipstick in the color cinnamon, so it's not a matte lip color wish is weird because for the past year I was just using matte lipsticks but I felt like I needed a change so I bought it and I wasn't expecting to like it at all but I actually LOVE it. It have a nice satiny finish to it and when the shine goes you end up with a nice stain of color on your lip. I love the color of it "cinnamon" it's a light brown color with pinkish coral undertone and this amazing combination makes it the perfect every day lip color. As for the packaging I really like it I love that you have to click it, I just really enjoy that clicky sound it satisfying to me I don't why.

I had to include this "snack" or pie with you and it's a spinach filed pie - Lebanese style -.
Oh the nostalgia of  it all, the place that make this pie is a really old bakery I remember when I was little we would always get this pie from that bakery and then this bakery changed location and they don't do delivery so stopped going to it and it been years, and by coincidence we found this bakery in place that so close to the place my sister works in and I was so so so happy to fined it so we got a punch of this spinach pie and Oh My God!! it's as good as I remember it I been having it as snack here an there and it is honestly the bast spinach pie I've ever eaten in my life - the name of the place is

AlMa'ameer Bakeries & Sweets -.

I also want to share with you my fashion favorite wish I talked about before in my Eid Al-Adha Outfits post and it's the flowing trousers with zipped pockets and stretch waist and hem from ZARA. I'm in love with this trousers I love how fashionable, comfortable and basic it is wish means I can style it in so many different ways.


My new favorite YouTube channel that I discover it these past months is called Fashion Mumblr and it's a channel for girl called Josie and she's a London based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She have the sweetest personality, cutest dog and the most incredible hauls video. If you love shopping you will love her.


That's all for my favorites this month. hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks for reading.