Weekly Workout Update

Hi again beautiful people,

This is the last workout update of Ramadan I'm sad that I didn't do as match as I wanted to do but non the less it was an amazing month and hopefully you had a great month too and let's start with the update.

I had a rest day on Sunday and on Monday I did: 

 And Tuesday was a rest day and on Wednesday I did:

Another rest day on Thursday and on Friday I did:

and on Saturday:

It was a good week for me and the bast thing is that I found the bast workout schedule or structure for me in Ramadan which is a day on and day off this way I can get the best out of my workout and not loss all my energy.

And I know we still have a few days of Ramadan left but I'm not planing on doing any workouts the next a few days because it's going to be a few busy days with Eid and stuff.

I hope you had a good month and Thank you so so so much for reading.