what I Ate In A Day

Hi again beautiful,

 And welcome to another day of eating and the first what I ate in 2016 I'm a foody and like sharing my food and what eat with you so hopefully you like it too. 


I love breakfast it's my favorite meal of the day and oatmeal withe fresh fruit and honey with coffee in a cold winter morning is the perfect breakfast.


Dates and fresh Laban.


Bechamel Chicken Pasta and this one of my favorite Lunches ever.


Coffee with hershey's kisses.

Hot beverage

 Lemon, ginger and honey the prefect drink for winter. 


Yes a fast food meal and I have a fast food meal ones a week and this is chicken chili burger and french fries.

That's all for the day hope you enjoyed taking a look at what I eat in free day when I don't care about calories.

Thank you for reading,