Random Feelings #2: Going Through A Tough Time

Hi again beautiful people,

I didn't used to be someone who write there feelings but some times writing about your thoughts and feelings make you organize it better and it gives you the opportunity to look at it objectively and in a way I think this will help me understand myself and understand why I feel the way I feel plus I just like shearing what I think about with you and I hope you find it helpful in one way or the other.

  • Emotional outlet: A lot happen in the last month and it wasn't an amazing month but that's life. These things that happened took me away from the blog and that's why I haven't been posting in a moment. On the other hand the only thing that helped me clear my mind and get all the frustrating out was working out and for the last month all my workout's were about 40 - 60 min. long not just because my body needed it but also because my mind needed it too. I needed to focus on something other then what's going on in my life and it helped me a lot and I recommend that for you too when you feel sad, frustrated, anxious, worried, afraid or emotionally drain and a lot in your mind for what ever reason finding an outlet that will help you redirect your focus is a must and this outlet doesn't necessarily have to be working out it could be what ever you like it to be maybe you like drawing, cooking - which is something I like to do too -, walking and any form of exercising, eating - which I don't recommend -, writing, crafting, sewing or any thing that require time and energy and attention is prefect.
  • The big picture: We all go through difficult times and when we are in these difficult moments  it's hard  for us to see the big picture mining we forget that it's just a moment in life we forget we ones were happy and just like how thees happy moments pass this difficult ones are going to pass too. Also in looking at the big picture is to know that you'r not the only one how is suffering in this world the problems that you have and these difficult times you'r going through other people are going through the same thing and other people are going through something more difficult then you. And remember that your problem are so so so small compare to other problems in this world. Put yourself in an outsider shoes and take a look at yourself in that moment - mentally speaking - question and observe and make an objective decision to make a change to feel better to make a difference that will help you go through these difficult times.
  • I'm the hero in my own story I don't need saving: Understand that if you don't find the strength inside of you no other human is going to give you that strength you have to be strong and you have to have the ability to ground and comfort yourself. Some people would say: why should I go through a tough time by myself if I have someone that care about me and they will take care of me why don't I depend on them to make me feel better?. My answer to that is you depend on them and on there words because you believe them and when they tell you "every thing is going to be OK" you believe that and it makes you feel better. So when you find your own strength and you believe on yourself you know that you have the ability to go through the thug time with or without any one. We all need to remember that we are .. are own HERO and that we have the power to survive any hard times we go through.
  • Patience and Prayer: The tow most important keys to survive any tough times in are life 
(يَاأَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اسْتَعِينُوا بِالصَّبْرِ وَالصَّلَاةِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ مَعَ الصَّابِرِينَ (153﴿
  • Staying positive: I'm a pretty positive person put like any human there is times when I feel down things in life get to me and I would love it if I can stop the time and crawl in a little corner and cry and not see any one. And it's OK to feel like this sometimes the problem is when you can't pull yourself out of that state of mind. And what I do to get myself out feeling down is all the things I mentioned before it works for me with a few little things that I like to do and life is all about the little things:
  1. Remembering that what's happening for me is good for me maybe I can't see the good write now but there is always a good outcome big or small I just need to find it and focus on it a learn from it.
  2.  Crying when I need to cry letting it all out because when you hold a cry in you feel like knot tied real strong inside your heart and when you cry it's like the knot just untied it self and you feel rejuvenated.
  3. Laughing and I know it hard but sometimes you just have to force a laugh because it will make you feel better ... I promise. “I think the only way to get through this life is laughing hard and constantly, mostly at myself.” ― Shannon Hale.
  4. Making something you do every day different and special and some of my every day life that I like to make special is making an extra special meal whether it's trying new food or making an effort make my regular meal look presentable for me. Something else I like to do is workout challenges that make me feel stronger.
  5. Interacting with people is one of the most impertinent things that will help you forget abut what's bothering you and I don't mean go telling people your life story nagging them with your problems because chances is they have there own problems that they wont to forget about too and don't forget about helping other because helping other will help you.

I know it's a long one but we live in a an overwhelming life with the good and the bad and sometimes the bad get to us and we need a remainder that life is good and that the bad is here to make us appreciate the good. I hope that this will be that remainder.

Thank you for reading.