MY First ever .. Empties #1

Hi again beautiful people and welcome to my first ever empties!

I been collecting the product that I used up to talk about them and tell you what I think of them and if I would repurchase any of them and I hope you find it useful.

Arsainte Eco-therapy Extreme Moisture Essential Cream:
This is a moisturizer cream for the face it is thicker and it is really a cream consistency and that's why I bought it because I thought it would be more moisturizing but it was OK it get the job done nothing special I wouldn't repurchase it.

This is a mini size that came in a gift set. It's really fruity and I wouldn't buy it but it came as a gift and I wouldn't say no to that. It was nice I love the body shop things but strawberry smiling things that are not an actual strawberry I don't like.

Dermoviva Makeup remover wipes:
my favorite makeup wipes and I tried a lot and nothing removed my makeup like these they are soft they don't dry out fast and they are only 10 SR - 3$ - they are amazing and I repurchased them before and I would keep repurchase them but the only problem is that I can't find them every where which make me sad.

Prada CANDY perfume:
I didn't have a good luck with this perfume the spray thing broke and I couldn't use it but then it broke again and when you move it, it splash everywhere so the way I end up using it is to pot some in my hand and rub it between my hands and what I'm wearing it's a nice smelling perfume but I wouldn't repurchase it not because of what happen but I wasn't crazy about it and that's why.

The Honeymania from the body shop:
I talked a lot about how match I love this line and yes yes yes I will repurchase it.

3 in 1 Bubble Bath Star Fruit with Lime & Aloe Vera:
I love this bubble bath I love that this is a huge bottle and it smell so good it's not overwhelming fruit explosion smell it's really relaxing and I will repurchase it.

RIMMEL LONDON Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss - Shade 103:
I wore this lipstick almost every day in the last semester of college it's a beautiful pink nude color it's creamy and matte perfect for every day go with anything you wear but there is two reasons why I wouldn't repurchase it one: if you have a dry chapped lips it will accentuate that, two: it doesn't have a good lasting power other then that it's nice and I really enjoyed it.

GARNIER - B.B. EYE - LIGHT/ MEDIUM Roll on Dark Circle Correction Instant Eye Perfection:
I don't really know if that's the name of this product and I think they changed the packaging. I love this thing I used it to the very last I would repurchase it when I know for sure that's it's the same product.

True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer:
I love this concealer it's my favorite concealer and I talked a lot about it I use it with or without a foundation it blend nicely it's medium to full cover with beautiful finish and I will repurchase it.

That's all for my empties. THANK YOU READING.